Asterfields is a Rhode Island-based independent design house founded by Nicole Deponte, a modern surrealist and creative virtuoso. Craft is our love language, and since 2008, Nicole has been crafting wearable art that has evolved into a brand experience, merging art with life. Our mission at Asterfields is to inspire self-expression and celebrate color, bridging the gap between fine art and design.

As an artist-owned studio, we take pride in using high-quality materials, ethical sourcing, and responsible production practices. Our textiles are designed to be lived in, treasured, and worn out, embodying the same originality as our customers. We are passionate about unconventional techniques and processes that tell a story and serve as catalysts for creativity.

Nicole Deponte, the creative force behind Asterfields, is a Rhode Island-based artist with a rich background in the Sculpture Department at the Massachusetts College of Art. With over 25 years of experience, Nicole explores drawing as an object thinker, challenging the edge of paper with a strong color vocabulary and purposeful line. Her work, exhibited across the East Coast and found in private collections across the United States, is a testament to her commitment to non-traditional techniques and processes.

Nicole's artistic journey as a modern surrealist involves creating mixed media collage paintings/drawings on paper. Inspired by analog collage, she blends surrealism with 'arte vivre,' using traditional materials like paper, paint, and found objects. Each piece draws viewers into a dream-like journey, with unexpected compositions and spaces as powerful as bold lines and saturated pigments. Storytelling is Nicole's superpower, creating a catalyst for viewers to transport into their dreams through image association, color, shape, and texture.

At Asterfields, we offer beautifully crafted goods for body, home, and the space in between, encouraging a reverence for curiosity and play. Our sophisticated and evocative pieces not only inspire self-expression but also provide an exquisite experience that transcends the boundaries between art and life.