Welcome to Asterfields

We’re a Rhode Island-based independent design house where art meets life through wearable expressions. Founded in 2008 by Nicole Deponte, we celebrate the intersection of craft, color, and creativity. Our mission is to inspire self-expression and celebrate the individuality of our customers, bridging the gap between fine art and functional design.

Our Story

Asterfields fuses a passion for the unconventional with a dedication to artistic integrity. Since our inception, we have been committed to fine art, design, and the hands behind it all.

Our studio designs products to be lived in, treasured, and worn out. Our collections, beautifully crafted for the body, home, and spaces in between, are not just pieces of art. They are invitations to experience the exquisite blend of sophistication and evocativeness, transcending the boundaries between art and life.

The boutique is an extension of our art practice, featuring our products alongside the work of local, national, and international artists. We celebrate unique, colorful, engaging design and craftsmanship, curating an immersive experience for all to enjoy, collect, and be inspired by.

Meet Nicole Deponte - Our Designer and Founder

Nicole Deponte is the creative force behind Asterfields. Described as a self-made designer, she is a modern surrealist and creative virtuoso with a rich background in sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art. With over 25 years of experience, Nicole's artistic journey involves exploring drawing as an object thinker, challenging traditional mediums with a strong color vocabulary and purposeful line. Her work includes mixed media collage paintings and drawings, which have appeared in exhibits across the East Coast and in private collections nationwide. Inspired by analog collage, Nicole blends surrealism with “arte vivre” or “the art of living.” Nicole's creations invite viewers to develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and aesthetics of everyday life.

Meet Lilian Asterfield - The Alter-Ego Behind the Brand

Lilian Asterfield is the spirited alter-ego of artist and designer Nicole Deponte, embodying the essence and character behind the label. The name, a whimsical invention by Nicole's Gramps as a pet name for her Mum. Nicole Deponte inherited the nickname and developed Lilian Asterfield into a full-fledged character that defines the Asterfields brand. She is the feisty, free-spirited modern Victorian who alternates between ruffle ascots and vibrant scarves while working and playing in the urban and coastal landscapes of Rhode Island.

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At Asterfields, we invite you to explore our world - a place where art is not just observed but lived. Join us in celebrating the beauty of self-expression and the joy of creativity.