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Find Your Creative Voice -  Book Club!

Find Your Creative Voice - Book Club!

Ok, so to be honest, Covid-19 totally messed with my creative process. Yes, my instagram looks fun and energetic and productive, but in reality I'm taking a lot of naps, sitting quietly and just trying to process everything. How on earth, when I ordered this magic little book by Lisa Congdon, did I know I would be accessing it weekly right now?! Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic is a guide. Yes, you can read it al the way through, but you can also eat it up in a chapter here or there when needed. It is a book for creators and lovers of creativity. Lisa Congdons artwork is everything from adorable to powerful, colorful, lyrical, it speaks with words and images in a way that engages. I encourage you to purchase directly from Lisa's website to get a signed copy and to ensure that all proceeds go directly to the artist.

Find Your Artistic Voice, the essential guide to working your creative magic

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