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The Watson - Feature Friday

The Watson - Feature Friday

The Watson is lovingly named after Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes. I'm a mystery nerd and when I designed my Sherlock and Watson, the names just clicked. Designs often get nicknames in the studio. The Watson, just seemed to fit and having the two of my "longer" designs be a crime solving team, just made sense!

I tend to walk around the studio and in my trade show booth with one or two scarves across my shoulders as I'm chatting and fitting clients. It was in one of these moments, with a quick glance in the mirror, that my Watson design was inspired. You never know when that eureka moment is going to strike. Its the fun of creating and working for years on designs and than POW - they evolve into iconic shapes.

The Lilian Asterfield Watson has become a fast favorite since it's debut. It is one of my most favorite to curate, with multiple layers and form. I get to play with a lot of prints and colors. Taking that ordinary stripe and making it extraordinary.

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