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I'm obsessed with Bee Bom - Tasteful Mondays

I'm obsessed with Bee Bom - Tasteful Mondays

When ever I think of Bee Bom I think of my Mum's garden. When I purchased my first home and started to create my own garden, the first thing I requested was for my Mum to bring me some of her Bee Bom. I wanted a bit of her garden in my new home. Little did I know that I would be adding it to some of my favorite recipes!

As you may notice, Bee Bom has a very a delicious herbal scent, mine smells very like Oregano. If you keep clipping off the blooms, they will flower all summer.

Did you know Fresh bee balm leaves can be added to pesto, and the flower petals make a pretty and aromatic garnish. I have used the petals and leaves on pizza and in pasta dishes, salads, in butter, and cream cheese spread. I have not tried Bee Bom in homemade ice cream yet, but my curiousity is peaked! 

Here are some other helpful uses that I found during my research on, including a tea recipe to sooth a sore tummy!

Natural antiseptic.
Soothe a sore throat.
Soothe a sore tummy.
Sleep Aid.
Freshen a space with Bee Bom petals.

Make Jelly.
Season your meats.

More details can be found here: 10 Ways to Use Bee Balm and Bee Balm Bread Recipe, by  


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