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Sia's "Never Give up" for Shake It Up Wednesdays

Sia's "Never Give up" for Shake It Up Wednesdays

In order to keep the spirit up and the creative juices flowing, I have to move my body. I sit while sewing and painting and it can take a toll on my physical and mental space. Who out there's with me? Raise you hand, then wave it in the air. You feel better already I bet!

Besides stretching and yoga, my favorite is to dance. I pick a song and just move, sure I look a little nuts - BUT WHO CARES!

So, I thought it would be fun to share a shake em up tune each Wednesday! For my first one I'm going to go with a one of my favorite go too songs:

Never Give Up (from the "Lion" soundtrack), Sia

If you haven't seen "Lion", its beautiful. I feel like to start off this series, a power house like Sia feels pretty good to me. Its great for a good shoulder shimmy or leg kick, hip swivel, and flapping arms.

Stay tuned on Wensdays for more shake off the cobweb tunes to insert into your daily. Should you want to instagram your dance moves, please do! #AsterMoves

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