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Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

Over the next few weeks Lilian Asterfield will be working to help our beloved Rhode Island community.

I felt parallelized in the beginning of March. I feared for my family and friends, for my business, for how the world would look after all this. The unknowing was terrifying. Knowing that so many of my colleagues in the arts who rely on social events, trade shows and fairs, will be suffering due to the lack of funding for our community. So I grieved, face-timed with my nearest and dearests, adapted a way to connect without hugs, started to make art again, asked for help, and took time when needed to quietly process. In that processing, this quote hung in my ear,"We can do hard things." - Glennon Doyle
I wanted to use my superpower for good. Our community is made with strength and love and we can do hard things. Giving is helping my heart to feel connected with you all while my family continues to save the lives of those on the front line by staying home.

I am pledging 20% of ALL sale from my Print Editions Collection, from April 13th through May 10th, to go directly to four different organizations helping the community during this time of crisis.

Please help spread the word with the hashtag #AsterfieldSupports and tag us. By posting your Lilian Asterfield purchase you will positively impact my small business and this project.

I'm hoping that introducing you to these organizations will continue the giving. Thank you, from the center of my big heart. BE safe, stay healthy. I love you.

Nicole Deponte
The Necktie Maven

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