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Lilian Asterfield Interview with Olivia Rodriques

Meet Olivia

Collaborating with the gorgeously talented, Olivia Rodrigues, we have created a romantic and warm visual love letter to Autumn. This fw21 curated collection drop, the second of about 4 drops we'll be launching, was inspired by the desert, 60's jams, and the uniquely rich colors of the Southwest landscape. I wanted this shoot to be intimate and I think Olivia nailed it.

I sat down with my friend, muse and stylist, for a little Q&A.

Nicole: Would you share how we met? I remember it being super organic and a bit serendipitous... perfect time and place.

Olivia: It was very serendipitous. I’m unsure who went to whom first to introduce themselves but your studio+shop was right next to the boutique, Calico, I used to work at on Broadway. I was immediately drawn to your personality and your work; we would chat about all things entrepreneurship and fashion, like editorials we wanted to shoot, things we wanted to create, do/expand on, our vision for our businesses. Remember our Seven Stars Bakery tea breaks? I’m really grateful that we’ve remained connected.

Nicole: Yes!, those tea breaks, energy reboots on all levels. So grateful that we've continued that inspiring magic talk. We never have nothing to talk about. This one might be tricky, but I'm so curious to hear what you come up with. Describe your personal style in one word.

Olivia: Mood-driven. I honestly can’t think of a better word to describe it. I feel that this one nails the spontaneity of my style.

Nicole: I can see that. What I love about your style is that as diverse as it is, you key into shapes, colors, etc. that accentuate, amplify your figure and what you love about you. This leads me into my next questions, what's your go to power color and why?

Olivia: My wardrobe is all over the place when it comes to power color. I don’t know that I have a power color per say. I do have my color preferences like orange, brown, yellow, turquoise. To me it’s more about the power look which is a combination of the fit and color of what I’m wearing, combined with the way I feel in it and how I carry myself -- that to me creates the full power vibe.  

Nicole: I love that, such a great way to look at it. I have never seen you in an outfit I haven't felt your power in. Favorite book, show, and style icon?

Olivia: My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

I think I need a new favorite movie. I just finished season 3 of Ozark; definitely my new favorite show.

My style icon is my mama, Antou.

Nicole: The Alchemist is so good. I love that your Mama is your style icon! Your sisters have great style too, totally runs in the family. Favorite Rhode Island spot that feeds your creativity?

Olivia: Such a sweet compliment! The Rodrigues women are super stylish, each in their own unique way. I get a jolt of creativity anytime I happen to make an impromptu stop at an antique store while driving somewhere in Rhode Island. Whether it’s an antique or vintage/thrift store, I get lost in that world.

Nicole: Oh my gosh, same. Such fabulous adventures to be had, nothing like finding treasures. It was so fun to see the vintage pieces you styled into this shoot. Which Lilian Asterfield design are you loving right now?

Olivia: I have an appreciation for each one of your pieces to be honest. But if I really have to choose, I’d say your white Shangtung large bow collar- it is DRAMA-TIC in a regal way and yet not overpowering. Also the black and gold Satin Aster with lace is sexy. Your FW21 vintage Aster in Olive and Pink and SS21 Vintage birdie in brown and copper are also faves.

Find Olivia here: @theoliviarodrigues on Instagram. Shop the full collection here.

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