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It's On! Pushing through the noise.

It's On! Pushing through the noise.

I feel like its been FOREVER since I've chatted with you guys! This year has been filled with a lot of change both personally and professionally. Some of it has been exciting and some, an energy suck. So how do we get past the suck and running full throttle into the exciting?

Sometimes, as a small business owner, I can get overwhelmed by the little stuff... annnd BIG stuff. I can pile all the things I need to do in a little stress cry (not my best look) when my whits have reached their limit - which of course is totally bananas and not helpful. So lets start small, right? Make the success easy at first and build that confidence back up. I need my super powers back, stat, in this kind of situation.

What I'm working toward, cuz change is always a project that we love-hate, getting the list out of my head as quickly as possible. Its taking way too much room I need for invention and creativity. *sigh* I know writing a list is not a very new idea, but bare with me. Even if I toss the list and make another one, it pulls the "I can't get it all done", "its too hard", "I have no time", out of my noodle in what looks like organization, which to me looks like clarity, and that's a very close trot to "eureka". That's my trick so far.... and deep breaths, burning palo santo, taking 2 minute dance breaks (a must, music is so good at getting us jazzed).... what ever works right? We gotta flow through this craziness in order to keep this amazing machine of ideas running. So guys, among all the things, big or small, lets dance, make lists, get a little mystical, maybe a little ugly cry when needed... just let it out. We need room for that go forth and conquer energy, right now.


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