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"How to be a Exployer of the World" - Book club!

"How to be a Exployer of the World" - Book club!

I know the thought of leaving your house right now is the worst and the uncertainty over whelming, but I think this is the perfect book to create adventures in our current small footprint lifestyle and be come the explorer you have alway yearned to be.

" At any given moment, no matter where you are, there are hundreds of things around you that are worth documenting."

Keri Smith does a fantastic job of creating imaginative tasks to observe, engage, and collect the world around us. Smith has a lot of books available that I am just diving into now. Find them for sale on their website! These are great resources for you, friends to connect while distanced and for your kids learning experiences!

How to be an explorer of your world by Keri smith 

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