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Enigmatic - Tuesdays Tidbits

Enigmatic - Tuesdays Tidbits

I was watching one of my British crime programs, per usual, and a character used the word "enigmatic". I hit pause and quickly grabbed my phone to google it. I like to read dictionary definitions, the layout and listening to the recording is one of my nerd crushes.

  1. difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.
    "he took the money with an enigmatic smile"

I love the sound the word makes when you speak it. It sounds mysterious. I'm trying to collect words in my sketchbook, not sure what I'm going to do with the collection and realized this would be a fun platform to share them on.

Do you have some favorite words you'd like to share? send me an email:, I'd love to share you story!

(image: original art by Nicole Deponte)

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