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Pomp & Ceremony - Feature Friday

Pomp & Ceremony - Feature Friday

I had the honor, say honor because a beautiful neck tie is a treasure, to be able to work with one of my favorite purveyor of tailored necktie delight, an absolute killer small business owner, and a hilarious human. Andrea Dixon deals in Liberty of London fabrics hand made into her beautiful neck ties, bow ties, pocket squares and ascots out of Toronto, Canada.

For those who know Liberty of London, you know. Liberty of London is one of my favorite vintage necktie finds. I will dive over chairs for one of these ties in amazing condition and in the punchiest of their color ways. Like, actually, leap. Diving sounds dangerous and I'm one for living dangerous, just not with my face.

Back to Pomp & Ceremony. So as you can see in our feature image, those are Andrea's freaking amazing neckties refashioned into my a Birdie. It's so good, right?

Follow @pompandceremonytoronto on instagram for all the fun news, the feed is delicious.

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I want to collaborate more. It's been hard to facilitate, but I think 2020 is the year. I'll be listing another collaborative Birdie for sale with this post in our instagram stories and in the shop. Swoop it up, its a one of a kind!

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