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An Extroverted Introvert and Her Alterego

An Extroverted Introvert and Her Alterego

I'm going to let ya all in on a little secret: I'm an extroverted introvert.


Yup, I jazz hands my way into your heart at shows, right? I will totally hug a stranger, smile like it will save the planet and adore getting a good giggle out of those around me. In order to balance that pizazz, I spend most of my days in the Lady A studio, reading, listening to podcasts, mediating, working on my yoga and engaging my fine art practice. Recharging for this chickie is so crucial in order to engage with my community.

Sometimes, even with a good recharge, I'll shy away from large events. I am terrible at small talk and if I can't find a good grounding of interesting connection, it can be hard to enjoy that space. I am so lucky that you all want to connect with the work and with me as an artist. The booth is always filled with laughs and more hugs than I thought possible! Even though I find my happiest place sitting at my drawing table, quietly making magical collages of imagined worlds, I NEED my extroverted side. You all launch me into a beautiful and positive space gearing up for more creativity.

My share for the installment is a TED Talks by Susan Cain, The Power Of Introverts. Give a listen, its good. For those feeling my introverted vibes, find those that gently side step you into being social experiences. You are loved and we all want to enjoy connecting with you. Its all about balance.

We have our super powers and give amazing things to this adventure. Each of us have a role and we need to celebrate our differences and collaborate more, be kinder to others and ourselves. Every piece counts! Jazz hands!

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