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Your quirks are a super power - Tuesday Tidbits

Your quirks are a super power - Tuesday Tidbits

My partner is not a pillow fan and I'm pretty sure I'm on thin ice with how often I "find new homes" for things in the pursuit of organization and creating a beautiful space. I am loved for my quirks and since those are the best parts, there's compromise and laughs... after a big sigh. 

Who here is an "avid arranger"?

My hand is waving so high I'm going to stand up like a 2nd grader. I view it as moving energy when I feel restless in my emotional body. I've written about this before, but feel its worth the recap during these stay at home times.

Covid-19 has me in massive nesting mode. Even though I have very little control of what's happening outside, I do have control over my space and my feelings. I started the hashtag #pandemicpainting in March or April... it's little blurry. The kitchen project we started in February is still partially finished, but I painted two beautiful walls Behr "equilibrium" - looks dynamite (see title image) and I can stare at them while behind me there's what looks like a murder room (gutted bathroom with plastic encasing it, eye roll)... and then there's the stairs that Heather Holiday of Rooted Soles inspired with her polka dot walls.


So cute right?! Do you have some white walls that could use an energy shift?

I gotta say it helps. Keeping my body in motion, thinking creatively and moving that energy around is my mediation through all this chaos, confusion, idiocy, anger, and feeling of helplessness. 

Finding what keeps you centered is so important, stress trauma is real and we are all doing our best to manage it. Our participation in life right now, is everything. We need to be the strongest protector, the loudest activist, the biggest lover, hopeful dreamer, and active creator of change. Keep that energy moving, even if its just putting a plant closer to your chair so you can chat with the plant babies over tea.

Remember, I love your quirks, they are your supers powers and we are going to need them! They are all part of the beautiful space you fill. Keep avid arranging! In fact, how fun would it be to see your #avidarranger arrangements and #pandemicpainting? Who's in?

Need some more inspiration? Check out @liz-kamarul, she has fun, clever ideas and supports her communities creativity! Here's a snippet of her feed, its dreamy!Liz Kamarul

I'll see you in November. Its time to change the world. Love you, BUNCHES!


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