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A Fresh Face for Asterfield

A Fresh Face for Asterfield

Thrilled to launch the new Asterfield website with a fresh look and feel that suits the evolution of Lilian Asterfield's iconic designs and mission as a and design house. 

With a year of uncertainty, reflection, and revolution, this is the moment for community, creativity and boldness. Lilian Asterfield has, and will always be a mood, a declaration of free spirit and adventure in style.

It is extremely important for Asterfield's work to continue to protect and support the beauty of individualism, expression, and be a safe place for everyone. I couldn't have picked a more perfect time than Pride Month 2021, to launch the new site. 

The work comes alive on your body and I’m so very honored that you all have lent me the canvas of your personal style to exhibit my work.

Lilian Asterfield will be holding a stronger thread to our origins of upcycling, repurposing, highlighting our client's personal style, finding even more ways to continue our support of a circular economy and represent the Asterfield community. 


The Necktie Maven

Photo: Shelly Mosman

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